Vaping has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the United States, most notably among adolescents. In 2018 alone, an astounding 3 million youth and adolescents used vapes across the country. Compared to traditional cigarettes, vaping is more convenient and accessible.

Refilling an electronic cigarette or vaping device takes minimal effort, operation remains user-friendly, and the devices are easy to conceal—all aspects that make it an appealing alternative for many smokers.

With the surge in vaping popularity, many people are left to ponder if it can get you high. Does vaping cause a euphoric state? The response depends on what's inside your vape device.

Getting High Depends on What You Vape

Numerous individuals believe that vaping is a healthier option compared to smoking cigarettes. Unbeknownst to many, most of the vaping devices out there, such as JUUL, are filled with nicotine. So if you think that by vaping you can get rid of your nicotine addiction from tobacco use, unfortunately this is not the case -you’re still taking in a dose of nicotine when vaping!

When using JUUL or any other vaping device with nicotine, you could get a rush of energy from the mild stimulant effects. Similar to drinking coffee, some people may find that they become more focused and alert while others experience a relaxing effect.

The nicotine kick you'll get from vaping is equivalent to what one experiences when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes or vaping products won't cause a high or any other kind of psychoactive effects, but as we all know, it can be highly addictive. With that said, if taken regularly, vaping nicotine-based substances could lead to addiction in no time at all!

Does Vaping Get You High

Even more concerning is that vape devices are being used to smoke stronger drugs. As users become accustomed to nicotine, they begin looking for a stronger high and their substance of choice evolves accordingly. There are also individuals who are already habitual drug users and have begun using vape devices due to their convenience in comparison with other drug paraphernalia.

From marijuana and dab weed to liquid THC, LSD, ketamine, K2/Spice and bath salts—a multitude of illegal drugs can be vaped using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). For some drugs to be vaporized, such as meth, they must first be stabilized first.

Vaping drugs can have potent effects. For instance, dab weed which is a highly concentrated form of marijuana has the capacity to induce strong sensations. This is because it contains much higher concentrations of THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) compared to regular weed that typically holds up to 15%. With as much as 80% THC, vaping marijuana dab may deliver mind-altering experiences for people who vaped the drug. The negative effects of vaping can also impact your blood pressure, heart rate, and mental health.

What Are the Dangers of Vaping?

Vaping can be an addictive and detrimental habit, particularly for young people. Their brains are still developing and nicotine in vape may impede this process, making them vulnerable to the addiction's power. In addition, vaping could create a gateway to more powerful narcotics that offer intense highs, a hazardous mix of looking for extreme sensations while having weakened self-control due to nicotine addiction.

The ease of vaping has enabled many to indulge in drug use with more discretion than ever before. With slim, portable devices readily available from any corner store, users can get away with smoking nicotine and other drugs virtually anywhere; even in public! For instance, one might assume you are simply puffing on nicotine-filled vape pens when really the user is indulging in dab weed without raising eyebrows or suspicion.

Dangers of Vape Addiction

An additional hazard to be aware of is when you vape prefilled devices from an unidentified source. In 2019, the FDA warned citizens to steer clear of pre-filled THC vaporizers due to a multitude of lung injuries connected with its use. Numerous individuals reported experiencing medical issues after using vaping items that contained THC.

Alarmingly, concerns arose that the vaping devices contained hazardous substances and even poison which might be connected to the outbreak of respiratory diseases. Even if smoking cannabis is accepted in your region, it's wise to exercise caution when purchasing pre-filled THC vaping devices as they could contain contaminants with adverse effects on your well-being.

Trying to vape illegal drugs is a potentially dangerous game. Some people may be tempted to experiment, but the truth of the matter is that some substances can become toxic when heated and inhaled in vapor form - making vaping drugs an especially hazardous activity.